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Health Care In The Genomic Age

We believe investors need to understand how genomics innovation can be a catalyst for growth. Over the last five years, we have passed key inflection points in the ability to access, manipulate, and understand the molecular building blocks of the human body:

  • The cost to sequence a genome, once a nine-figure nation-state-worthy project, has dropped into the hundreds of dollars.

  • Editing DNA is becoming an antidote to pervasive, chronic disease.

  • For the first time, living therapies are likely to cure some diseases with just one dose.

  • Bioinformatics is tying DNA data and therapeutic initiatives to patient outcomes, providing scientists and corporations with an unprecedented understanding of how the human genome can break down and how it might be mended.

The “genomic age” of medicine promises profound ramifications for human health and for the companies involved, among them:

  • Tool providers that enable basic research, sharpen the precision of diagnostics, and guide personalized medicine.

  • Diagnostic platforms deploying data that informs the treatment of disease.

  • Other companies deploying technology and data to create next-generation treatments and cures, increasing returns on therapeutic research and development for the first time in 20 years.

Cullen Investment Group estimates that by 2024 therapeutic pipelines and tool providers should generate hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue and trillions in new market capitalizations thanks to genomics innovation. In our latest white paper, Cullen Investment Group details the technological platforms catalyzing the “genomic age” and estimates the potential impact on listed equity markets.


DISCLAIMER: Cullen Investment Group aggregates various investment information from multiple sources so that our readers can get a multitude of viewpoints. The material in this article is meant for educational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. For more information visit our legal section on our website.