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Consumers Can't Keep Track Of All Of Their Subscriptions

Subscription models are everywhere. Socks, streaming sites, your favorite coffee shop, razors — even toilet paper. You name it and these days there’s a pay-monthly option for you to opt into. The services often come with a hidden cost though, with 38% of Americans reporting that subscriptions actually add stress to their life, rather than making it easier.

It’s pretty easy to lose track of just how many active memberships you’re signed up to and exactly how much each one costs, and consumers frequently think they’re getting a much better deal than they actually are. According to a survey from May, some 54% of subscription users spend a staggering $100+ more than they thought on services each month, and a whopping 11% are routinely forking out over $300 more than they estimated.

The often-arduous process of unsubscribing from some of your lesser-used subscriptions has never seemed so appealing.

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