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By: Ryan Cullen, John Cioffi, III, & Nicolette Hampton

John, Ryan, and Nicolette address the current "State of the Market" and the drivers of the volatile market.


By: Ryan Cullen & Nicolette Hampton

Major Market indices finished slightly down and Elon Musk made a $43bn bid to buy Twitter.


By: Ryan Cullen

Updates on the equity markets, fixed income, commodities, & economic data. Also a look into Chewy.


By: Ryan Cullen & Nicolette Hampton

Markets indices were down sharply this week & a deeper look into Netflix as shares tumbled more than 40%.


By: Ryan Cullen & Nicolette Hampton

Tough week for equity markets as inflation, Covid-19, and the war in Ukraine has spooked investors.


By: Ryan Cullen

Major Stock Indexes finished a volatile week edging slightly higher, however, still down overall Year-to-Date.

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