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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Military Appreciation

You served us, now let us be of service to you.

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At Cullen Cioffi Capital Management, we have the utmost respect for our military. It is why we are committed to offering jobs to our US Military veterans, current service members, and their spouses. While most firms require a minimum of a bachelors degree in business or sometimes a Master's degree, we believe that military service teaches skills that could never be taught in a classroom. Military members possess the qualities we look for in our company such as honesty, integrity, discipline, hard work, determination, working towards a common mission and helping the people we serve. 

We currently have roles for military member from all walks of life and various experience levels including:

  • Internships

  • On-the-job training and licensing

  • Financial Leadership Program 

  • Advisor Development Program

  • Apprenticeships with the Executive Team

  • Networking events within the area

  • and we offer free financial planning and one-on-one financial literacy lessons to veterans, current and former military meber as well as their spouses.

Interested in learning more or applying for a position, upload your resume  here in our military portal:

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