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Velocity Fund

Hedge Fund

The Cullen Cioffi investment team seeks to generate consistent above market returns, across all economic cycles, while maintaining lower relative volatility compared to traditional long only management.


Our investment style is designed to generate consistent above market returns, using a mean reverting volatility arbitrage strategy, intending to mitigate delta one market risk. Our investment thesis maintains a properly hedge portfolio, with a move toward market neutrality.


The investment process utilized by Cullen Cioffi generates returns using highly liquid and broad based index ETFs, equity baskets, options, customized correlated baskets, and an option overlay.

Our focus is built on a foundation of trust and sound principles. We seek long lasting relationships with each of our investors who will value our consistency and acute focus on market opportunities. We encourage you to learn more about our investment strategy. 

Holding noncorrelated assets in your portfolio over the long term, can help you achieve a more efficient portfolio that can enhance total returns and lower portfolio risk. To do this, we choose broad based indices and equity baskets over stocks. The style employed by Vertice Capital Partners is a purist and traditional alternative investment approach, unlike other directional levered equity funds. Our task is to generate outsized returns while seeking to mitigate undue risk.

  • Serves to eliminate single stock event risk gaps.

  • Provides alpha diversification.

  • Eliminates management incompetency, asymmetric information, and improper accounting risk.

  • Not reliant on singular market segment network externalities.

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Opportunistic Strategy Selection:

  • Constituent Mean Reversion

  • Strategy 1 with Quantitative algorithm

  • Relative Value Spreads - mean reversion

  • International ETF Arbitrage

  • ETF Relative Value expressed through Options

  • Option overlay on core spread strategy 

  • ETF NAV Arbitrage into close via creation/redemption

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