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Our 3 Pillars to Financial Success

We want every individual to have a strong foundation for their financial journey, whether they are our clients or not. Because your financial success drives everything that we do. There have been countless studies to determine what were the best indicators of financial independence and the results always point to three things: Having basic financial literacy knowledge, Having a financial plan to map out goals and objectives and how you'll get there, and Having disciplined personal finance habits.

Financial Literacy

Everyone should have basic knowledge and understanding of common finance terms and concepts. Like credit vs debit, saving vs. investing, loans, debt types, how to build your credit score, etc.

Financial Plan
Financial Plan

This is your financial roadmap of how to get from Point A to Point of your financial journey. Without a financial plan, your road to retirement is nothing more than hoping you will get there one day.

Personal Finance 

Personal Finance requires  you to use your financial literacy skills and apply that to your life. This includes things like budgeting, investing, managing debt, and sticking to your financial plan.

At Cullen Cioffi Capital Management, we are committed to not only helping our clients but educating youth about the importance of financial literacy. We also do not have account minimums, because we believe that helps breaks down the barriers and gives access to under-served communities, many of which have many minorities and people of color. On top of our mission to give financial education, one of our core missions is to help close the Black and Hispanic wealth gap. As of 2016, the average net-worth of a white family was over ten times that of a Black and over nine times that of a Hispanic family. For decades, these communities have been under-served in the financial services industry which has only increased the wealth gap, which is why we are making a strong effort to include and serve these communities.

At Cullen Cioffi Capital Management, we believe we have the ability to effect real change in the communities we serve. Building wealth is not a zero-sum game, meaning when your neighbor builds wealth, it doesn't take away from your own individual wealth, rather it strengthens your community as a whole. We hope that we can help build a fairer and more equitable society and strengthen the communities we serve and we strive to do this everyday.

In addition, our co-founder and CEO, Ryan Cullen, serves on the Board of Directors and is Treasurer of RENEW, a local non-profit, that strives to provide tools and resources to low income individuals so that they can strive in all areas of their life. RENEW offers financial literacy lessons, provides resources for transportation, housing, childcare, health care, and several other areas. If you would like to learn more about RENEW, visit their website.

Our co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, John Cioffi, teaches finance classes at the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business to pass on his extensive knowledge to the future generations while also passing on strong ethics and principles.

If you or someone you know is interested in having an employee come talk to a school or group you are affiliated with about financial literacy, please reach out to us so we can schedule a time. You can call us at (513) 508-3183 or email our CEO directly at

Teacher and Student
Cullen Cioffi
Encouraging and Empowering women
Minorities, Youth & the 
underprivileged  to Thrive

At Cullen Cioffi we believe that investment advice should instill confidence and peace of mind. Our passion is twofold: educating to give you confidence in your financial decisions while helping you navigate and prepare for all the stages and experiences of your life.

Financial advising is a close relationship built on trust. Understanding your goals and values are the cornerstones of building trust. This is why our team brings their passion and expertise for helping others to the table for every conversation. We are here to help you get, as well as give, wealth advice; to be a partner who provides ongoing financial education along with the tools and resources you need for long-standing prosperity. As a firm, we encourage and empower women, minorities, the youth and the disadvantaged to thrive, both in their investments and in their careers.

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