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Our Asset Management uses technical analysis, quantitative analysis, and fundamental analysis in evaluating equities. We use a tactical asset allocation model to maximize market returns in any economic cycle. Our Asset Management team focuses solely on your assets and how your assets can deliver the most return to your portfolio while mitigating risk. We focus on the risk-reward ratio and maximizing our clients returns given each clients specific risk tolerance and investing preference. Depending on your tax situation, type of account, and other factors, we may employ a more active trading strategy or a more long-term trading strategy so that we can adapt quickly to ever-changing market conditions. Our goal is to maximize your return on an individual, risk-adjusted basis.

Asset management is a subset of wealth management and portfolio management and can include retirement planning. In many cases, some of these names can be used interchangeably. We view asset management as an individualized aspect of both wealth management and portfolio management because it is how we determine the manner in which to allocate your assets and how to make your investments work for you in the most efficient way possible. Learn more about our investment strategies we use in portfolio management.

More About Asset Management

Asset Management, while closely related to portfolio management, and in some ways rely on each other. In essence, the difference between the two are that asset management seeks to mitigate risk and maximize returns through diversification through various sectors, counties, both developed and emerging countries. It is basically, how you decide to allocate your money across different investments and asset classes, while portfolio management piggybacks off of asset allocation because once you decide how you would like to allocate your assets, you can then choose the best equities, assets, ETF's etc. that fall within that particular asset class.

Think of it this way, had your portfolio manager put your entire portfolio into tech and internet stocks during the height of the dot-com bubble in the early 2000's, your portfolio could have lost 80-90% of its value. That is why a good portfolio is diversified across multiple sectors and countries because putting "all your eggs in one basket" can increase your portfolio risk while providing little to no extra returns.  

While Wealth Management is the broadest form and covers a whole list of additional services, asset allocation falls under the wealth management asset umbrella and is the broadest aspect of the investment side. It determines how much of your portfolio will be allocated to certain sectors, asset classes or internationally. Portfolio management then picks the best individual securities that fall within those categories determined by the asset allocation. Ultimately, we want to achieve the highest return with the most diversified portfolio.

Feel free to play around with our interactive widget on this page so you can see how various US sectors have performed as well as Emerging Markets, Developed Countries, and individual foreign markets.

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What Makes Us Different

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