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Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

“Protect yourself with non-correlated assets”

Alternative investments are supplemental strategies to traditional long-only positions in stocks, bonds, and cash. Alternative investments include investments in five main categories: hedge funds, private capital, natural resources, real estate, and infrastructure

Alternative investment strategies are typically active, return-seeking strategies that also often have risk characteristics different from those of traditional long-only investments.

Alternative investments are attractive to investors because of the potential for portfolio diversification resulting in a higher risk-adjusted return for the portfolio.

Financial Data

Velocity Fund

Hedge Fund

Untitled design - 2022-01-22T161058.541.png

Holding noncorrelated assets in your portfolio over the long term, can help you achieve a more efficient portfolio that can enhance total returns and lower portfolio risk. To do this, we choose broad based indices and equity baskets over stocks. The style employed by Vertice Capital Partners is a purist and traditional alternative investment approach, unlike other directional levered equity funds. Our task is to generate outsized returns while seeking to mitigate undue risk.

Purple Skies

Peak 9 Fund

Real Estate Fund

Peak 9.png

Real Estate is a trillion dollar industry that is uncorrelated to traditional equities which makes it a great hedge for your portfolio and can defend against inflation. Apart from the tax benefits, capital appreciation, many see this as a great investment for income that rents can generate. The Peak 9 Fund seeks to achieve above-average returns by identifying opportunities excessive appreciation and cash flows are expected.


Jupiter Fund

Crypto / NFT Fund

Peak 9 (3).png

Many individuals see cryptocurrency and NFT's will be revolutionary game-changers in the future, just how the internet revolutionized the world and the global economy. Just like the internet was slowly adopted, NFT's and cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity as they are adopted by investors, institutions,  and governments. Crypto and NFT's present a high-risk, high-reward tradeoff that many investors find attractive in their portfolios.

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